Terms & Conditions


  • Pro Bono Services would entail services for free legal representation and advice before courts.
  • Pro bono is by definition voluntary and no honorarium or financial assistance shall be provided to the advocates.
  • Once an advocate profile is created, the same shall become active only after scrutiny by the Department of Justice. The Department reserves the right to ask the advocate for any further information as it is deemed necessary.
  • An advocate may update his/her profile at any time, subject to approval by the Department of Justice.
  • An advocate may, at any time, choose to discontinue his/her services by visiting his/her profile and communicating this decision, with reasons to the Department. The advocate is under an obligation to give notice of at least 15 days before discontinuing his/her services.
  • The database of advocates collated, through the Pro Bono App, may be used by the Department of Justice for consideration in appointment to appropriate positions.
  • To preserve confidentiality of information, Department of Justice shall not disclose the advocate’s details to any Third Party, other than the assigned applicants, without the advocate’s consent.
  • The Department of Justice reserves the right to update these Terms and Conditions at any time. In such case, the Department shall publish the amended version of the Terms and Conditions on the App. The amended Terms and Conditions will take effect from the time they are first published on the App and will replace any previous version of the same.
  • If an advocate wishes to report any grievance/feedback, he/she may do so through the Pro Bono App.
  • The Department of Justice shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from or arising in connection with any act or omission made in reliance of any advice, and/or the illegal, incorrect or inappropriate use of Pro Bono App, Pro Bono App content, and any advice, information, material, software or other items or services provided through the Pro Bono App, by any party.
  • By registering on the App, the advocate agrees to and confirms that the statements/ documents provided by him/her are true and correct to the best of his/her knowledge and belief. If any information is found to be incorrect at any stage, the advocate may be liable for any appropriate action, as per law.
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