Roles & Responsibilities

There are two components involved in the formation of the Pro Bono Club:

  • The law school shall complete its registration on the DoJ website.
  • The law schools shall appoint at least one full time faculty member as in-charge of the PB club.
  • The law school shall provide necessary infrastructure for the clubs including

    Room for consultancy between beneficiaries, pro bono advocates and PBAs.

    Access to existing infrastructure such computer, printer, scanner etc.

    Stationary for filing, documentation etc.

  • Law schools shall provide financial support (out of the assigned annual grant provided by DoJ) to the PBAs, as per the university/institution policy, for conveyance and food purposes, in relation to the PB club activities.
  • In order to ensure better understanding of practical aspects of litigation and court procedures, law schools and faculty in-charges shall provide for adequate training and orientation programmes for PBAs, to enable them to effectively carry out their responsibilities under the scheme.
  • Law schools shall tap into their alumni network for registration of quality advocates who would be interested in volunteering legal services under the DoJ scheme.
  • The internal management of the club is left to the discretion of the respective law school.
  • PBAs shall undertake such activities as are necessary for rendering effective pro bono legal assistance in the case assigned. This may include legal research, drafting, documentation and procuring documents from relevant authorities.
  • The PBA shall undertake the above-mentioned tasks under the direct supervision of the assigned pro bono advocate and faculty in-charge.
  • The PBA shall keep the faculty in-charge informed regarding the nature of work being undertaken by him/her, on monthly basis by way of a written report. The faculty in-charge shall update these activities on DoJ’s online portal, designed for documenting and monitoring the activities under the scheme.
  • PBA may also be required to undertake field visits for the work assigned to him/her. This shall be decided in consultation with pro bono advocate and faculty in-charge.
  • PBAs shall be appropriately compensated (by the PB Club) for the food and travel expenses incurred by them for PB club related activities. (Point no. 4 & 5 are in reference with points 2-5 of the “Proposed Activities of the Pro Bono Clubs”).
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